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World's First 12 Volt And AC/DC Microwaves!

    The World’s first portable 12 volt microwave oven, The WaveBox® by Power Hunt® puts the power of your kitchen wherever you go. The WaveBox redefines the whole idea of mobile cooking. Now with Power Hunt 12 volt system integration, you get unsurpassed 12 volt appliance power combined with plug and play convenience. Simply plug the WaveBox into the patented PNP Power System and you can be cooking or reheating your favorite foods and beverages in seconds.

  • By combining 660 Watts of power with our unique 12 volt Microwave Scanning Technology, and a space age microcrystalline material plate, the WaveBox® cooks or reheats quickly and evenly without the need of a turntable.
  • Three pre-set timer buttons make using the Wavebox quick and easy. For special needs, the oven can be manually set with cook times up to 20 minutes.
  • Constructed with reinforced ABS casing the WaveBox is able to withstand rough use in almost any environment.
  • The easy-grip handle and a compact sleek design make the WaveBox® 12 volt portable microwave as easy to tote as a small picnic cooler.
  • As an added bonus, the WaveBox comes with the CoolBag, an integrated soft-side cooler that keeps your food and drinks cool until you're ready to heat them up.

    12 Volt Microwave Cool Bag


Whether you are on the road, the water, or in the office or hotel, the WaveBox’s optional 12v/110v (AC/DC) system brings you the comforts of home.

NO More Inverter

Say goodbye to the Expensive, Low Efficient and Dangerous Power System

NO More Lighter Socket Plug

Say goodbye to Weak Power Systems that can’t provide effective, fast operation

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12 Volt AC/DC Microwaves

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