Joining Us

Make money while enjoying your gourmet cooking on the road by introducing these wonderful products to your friends and other travelers. Invite them to your next stop and demonstrate the benefits of the PowerHunt products. Successfully making sales will help your friends save money while bringing extra income to you. What a wonderful deal!

When you join our team, you receive a specially designed Sales Rep Kit. This kit contains everything that you need to demo our products and take orders. Of course the side benefit is that while demonstrating to others, you are making yourself a healthy meal at a third of the cost of truck stop food. When your friend decides to buy the product, simply fill out the order form, attach his check and mail the order to our company. As soon as the check clears and the order is processed, a commission check for 20% of the sale price will be mailed to you.

To join our sales team, simply download the application and fill in all the necessary information. Mail the completed application along with a check for the sales kit to our home office. We will ship the kit including a complete inventory of the PowerHunt appliances, order forms and mailing envelopes. Depending on your choice of kits, you will also receive either a power strip or a mobile pack. In addition, you will receive a Sales Rep ID with a cap and a PowerHunt sales rep plate to be put behind in your windshield.  For customers outside of North America, please contact us in Hong Kong if you are interested to represent our product line in your area.

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Kit options listed on application. Please check which one you prefer.

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