How Power Hunt Products Work

Power Hunt 12 Volt DC appliances can be operated using one of three available power options. Each power option features at least one patented reverse polarity-preventing outlet designed to accommodate PNP power plugs, which are found on all Power Hunt 12 volt appliances. Engineered to supply high amperage current, each power option enables Power Hunt appliances to achieve unrivaled performance and efficiency.

Direct Battery Connect Power Receptacles

Unleash your batteries full electrical potential with access to as much as 100 amps of current! Power Hunt power receptacles connect directly to any standard 12 volt automotive, marine or deep cycle battery for unrestricted access to high amperage current.

12 Volt Power Port
The 12 Volt Power Port provides a single reverse polarity-preventing outlet for operating the WaveBox appliance. Integrated 8ft (optional 12ft) cable and outlet housing require no assembly and easily connect to any standard 12 volt battery.

12 Volt Power Strip
The 12 Volt Power Strip offers two reverse polarity-preventing outlets and is capable of supplying up to 100 amps of current to operate multiple WaveBox appliances simultaneously. The Power Strip connects to any standard 12 volt battery using a required battery cable that can be purchased in 8ft, 12ft or custom lengths.

Portable Power Pack

Leave your vehicle and battery behind, now you can have the complete freedom to use Power Hunt appliances anywhere you choose.

Mobile Pack
The Mobile Pack battery pack is a completely independent power source that allows you to use the WaveBox anywhere without a separate battery or wiring.


Installing the Power Hunt power strip in your vehicle, boat, cabin or anywhere you choose is a simple and straight forward. The power strip connects to any standard automotive starting, marine or deep cycle battery using either an 8 or 12 foot cable option. For permanent installations in a vehicle, the battery cable can be routed through a firewall or other access point into the interior or cargo space. For quick connect and disconnect convenience, optional heavy duty battery clamps are available, this option also allows you to easily store the power strip away when not in use.

Using Power Hunt Appliances

Power Hunt 12 volt appliances are easy to use. Once the required power strip is connected to a 12 volt power source operation is much like using a 110 volt power strip or wall socket in your home. Simply plug any Power Hunt 12 volt cookware, coffee maker or personal care appliance into the power strip, turn on the power, and you are ready to experience a new level of 12 volt performance.