Cooking Tips

Coffee Maker

I like to purchase 12 Oz. bottles of water to use with the coffee maker. I can buy cases of 12 Oz bottles very cheap.
Plus a 12 Oz bottle is easy to handle and I get two cups of coffee out of one bottle.

When I use a coffee pod for making coffee, I leave the same Pod in the maker for a second cup.
The second cup brewed through the pod is just as good as the first cup.

Sandwich Maker

When making a hot sandwich with cheese using the sandwich maker, I add the cheese after the sandwich is toasted.
This makes cleaning the sandwich maker very easy as there is no melted cheese to clean up.

The sandwich maker also works great for making French toast.

Use Packaged Muffin mix in the sandwich maker?
Mix directly in the package for easy clean-up.
Chocolate Chip Muffins make a wonderful Dessert.

Pour Pancake batter in the sandwich maker and add Smokie Links for perfect "pigs in a blanket".
Canned Biscuits Wrapped around a Smokie Link and placed In the Contact Grill will also make good "Pigs in a Blanket"!

Pocket Sandwiches:
These sandwiches can be filled with virtually any filling.

  • Simply place a slice of Bread over each grid of the Sandwich maker.
  • Place your filling in the center of the bread over the wells.
  • (Be careful not to over fill) Top with another slice of bread and close and lock lid.
  • Cook until sandwich is golden brown.
  • Do not butter the bread before toasting for it leaves the sandwich soggy not crisp.

Suggested Fillings:
  • Ham Salad, Chicken Salad, or Tuna Salad makes a great hot lunch.
  • Pizza Sauce, a pepperoni slice and shredded Mozzarella cheese make a Pizza Pocket.
  • Cherry Pie Filling with regular white bread makes a wonderful Treat!

Contact Grill

Fajitas on the Contact Grill…

  • Put Fajita meat (Chicken or Beef) down onions and peppers on top, close lid.
  • Serve on tortillas.
  • (To warm Tortillas…wrap in paper towel and rest on top of closed Grill while meat is cooking.)

Spray bottle with water is great for cleaning up.

  • While Grill is hot, simply spray and wipe clean.

Pizza rolls are very easy to cook on the Contact Grill, and require very little cleaning when I'm done.
Other Frozen Items that work are… Waffles, egg rolls.


Mini omelets on the griddle…

  • Simply put omelet e fillings in the egg rings and add your scrambled eggs.
  • Stir gently as egg sets.
  • Top with cheese or other favorite toppings.