Starter Kit available with required power port:
Heater Starter Kit includes Power Port

High performance 12 Volt DC 700 Watt heater to knock the chill off your camper, boat cockpit, or tent.

  • Three high power heating elements bring up to 55 Amp (700 Watt) power.
  • Four heat settings: HI, MED, LO and FAN only.
  • Great for keeping cabin warm or defrosting windshields.
  • Easy mounting with mounting bracket (sold separately).
  • No open flame, no monoxide.
  • Built for rough traveling conditions.
  • Easy connection to battery power with no power loss through Power Port (PNP-120) or Power Strip (PNP-102) (sold separately)

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Voltage: 12 Volts DC
Power Rating: 50 Amps/up to 700 Watts
Dimensions: 8.39 x 8.31 x 4.61inches (213 x 211 x 117mm) WxDxH
Weight: 2.53lbs (1.15kgs)

Mobile Pack

  • Independent power source that requires no wiring and gives you the freedom to use your Power Hunt 12 volt appliances anywhere anytime.
  • Recharged by a cigarette lighter/accessory socket or the included 110/230V AC trickle charger.
  • Cook and Charge the battery at the same time.